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just YUM.
Go home and eat. Eat a bunch of peanut butter, eat some pasta, eat a bowl of ice cream. People think if you don’t eat you’ll get skinny. If you don’t eat, you’ll get sick. You need calories and lots of em to improve and to be strong. Food is your fuel. If you don’t put fuel in a car, it won’t run. And neither will you. My cross country coach this morning and the reason the sport is so good for my mental health (via ten-seconds)

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My mom opened my eyes to something yesterday that I feel all of you fitblrs should hear.
  • Mom: So why don't you run in a sports bra like some of the other girls here?
  • Me: I don't wanna jiggle and have people see...
  • Mom: Well, that's silly. I mean, look at that guy. -points to shirtless man running past us with a larger belly- He doesn't have a shirt on and he doesn't seem to care who looks at him funny. This is a track and people come here, all shapes and sizes, for one reason: to get fit. So who cares if you run around shirtless, or in a sports bra, and jiggle a bit? You're here for that reason - to get RID of that jiggle. And no one can judge you for jiggling because they're here for the exact same reason. So why not be confident and run around in a sports bra? I mean, it'll also give you more motive to work harder so you don't jiggle, if it really means that much to you. And it'll be a little revenge to those who first looked at you funny when you come back one day and you've got abs that blow their minds away.
  • Me: ....I love you, Mom.

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